A New Year and A New Outlook

Where does one begin? I have been on a long hiatus and am now back on my blog to continue to bring you updated

information on Health, Writing and Networking. Why was I gone so long? That is a good question and one I will try to answer honestly.  To be upfront with my readers I must say “I just got burnt out”.  I have continued to keep up with my fellow networkers, reading there emails, listening to podcasts and webinars. One can never in a thousand years be able to retain all the information that is out there but I try to capture the best information as I see it. Kim Klaver, Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, Todd Falcone, Eric Worre and Ray Higdon  are a few that I follow.

Living in the tundra, our winter right now is not very nice. lol This morning it was -14 degrees below zero. I did capture a beautiful picture of the sunrise. This picture was taken at 6:30 am.  Yes, there is snow on the ground!

We enjoyed a wonderful holiday here with family. Our son and his family were here from California for ten days. It went way to fast. They left for home on January 2nd. The decorations and lights came down soon after.  A letdown for sure.

Trying to get motivated so took in two Webinars lastnight. At 7 pm. with Jessica Higdon on Why Social Media.  If you are in business than SM is certainly worth looking into for building relationships and prospecting as well.  Finding local people to prospect is one thing she advised.  At 8 pm I hopped on over to Ray Higdons webinar on The Seven Strategies to building a succcessful business. He talked about expectations, prospecting, time management, daily routine, landmines, team building and your inner culture.  These two are married and share some amazing knowledge on Network Marketing.

I hope you all had a great 2014 and that 2015 will be even greater.



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