Pods Danger to Children

According to Consumer Reports, “it has removed liquid laundry pods from its “recommended” list because of the dangers they pose to small children.” In times when consumers are becoming more and more aware of the dangers of toxins in the home it surprises me that the “GIANTS” continue producing toxic products and are still missing the boat.

Consumers want products that are effective, safe AND priced right.  This is the only true way to compete in the everyday economy and more importantly the economy of the future.

Our enzyme based laundry solutions are built on non-toxic advanced science to provide you, the consumer, with Effective, Safe and AFFORDABLE options to clean your clothes and keep your family safe. Ask your MakeGreenGoGreen partner to provide you with some price comparisons and take a step to a healthier life

Go to my website and watch the video.


Pods Take Another Hit


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