A Whole New You

Whether your resolutions for 2010 include losing weight. refining your style or just keeping your family looking and feeling the best ever, our company has the products to help you keep your resolutions for the new year.  We have bars that will supercharge your workout and burn more fat. Bars that will fuel muscle development and speed recovery and another that will help conquer cravings. Along with the bars we have a sport mix that will help you enjoy greater endurance with fewer calories. You can also greet the New Year with a radiant complexion.  Try our line of cosmetics with age-defying peptides and botanical extracts. We have great products to help you survive the winter. Our medicine cabinet line includes intensive skin therapy, cough and cold medicines, lip balms, extra strength pain cream for those achy muscles and joints. The bath and body line will help give you a soft, refreshing start to a New Year. The twelve products specially selected to leave you feeling radiantly soft and rejuvenated. Affordable ecofriendly products that will give you time saving, money saving worry free CLEAN. There are over 350 products that come with a 100% satisfaction gurantee. 

Nine years ago when I began using these products my allergies to household chemicals was at its worse. With in three months of using the ecofriendly products I was feeling like a new person.  Shopping on line has never been easier. When we go to the grocery store now we only purchase the food products. All else is ordered online and delivered to my door.

Eco-friendly  cleaning and laundry products, vitamins and supplements, bath and body, cosmetics and our RX pharmacy products.

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The prostate is a small gland located just under the bladder and it’s part of the male reproductive system. The prostate encircles the urethra (the tube that carries urine from the bladder outside the body) and produces and secretes a nutrient rich fluid that protects and helps transport sperm. The prostate gland resembles a chestnut in size and shape.
In most men, the prostate gland will undergo two stages of growth. The first stage occurs early in life and is usually complete by the end of puberty. The prostate usually remains the same size for many years; however, it may begin growing again during middle age, and some men develop symptoms by age 40. If the prostate becomes enlarged it may compress the urethra, which can interfere with elimination of urine and semen. The interference with urine elimination can cause a number of irritating symptoms and can lead to more serious problems as well. There are a few things one can do to keep the prostate healthy. Doctors recommend periodic prostate checkups and lifestyle changes like cutting down on caffeinated drinks, going easy on salt and spices and eating dinner earlier in the evening to give the body a chance to eliminate fluids before bedtime. Supplementing your diet is also a good idea. I have a supplement that is a scientifically developed blend of lycopene, saw palmetto berry, pumpkin seed and zinc—–all natural source ingredients that support prostate health without any uncomfortable side effects. Some competitive brands have lycopene but don’t include the palmetto berry, pumpkin seed or other important prostate health nutrients.
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In this fast paced world we live in, our eating habits are not the greatest and taking supplements are important to our well-being.

I take a gender specific supplement with research recommended levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidents and probiotics. Plus heart healthy flavonoids, phytosterols and omega-3 fatty acids. Formulated  to meet the specific gender needs for men and women. This is so convenient as your doses come in packets. One am and one pm packet.  For women there are multiple vitamins and minerals including high levels of folate, biotin, calcium and iron.  These supplements help bridge the nutritional gap in womens diets. Fructose occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables and their juices, as well as honey. It gives these foods their sweet taste. Fructose in crystalline form has been widely used for the past 20 years as a nutritive sweetener in foods and beverages.

Fructose compounding mineral delivery system designed to help the absorption of vital  minerals. For men this iron free supplement includes the vitamins and minerals men need every day to bridge the nutritional gaps in there diets.

The Mineral Complex is timed released and helps promote strong bones and teeth. A blend of calcium sources plus phosphorus, magnesium, and vitamin D. Designed with the fructose compounding to help the  absorption. Another reduces the risk of heart disease when used as part of a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol. Phytosterols reduce serum cholesterol levels by inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol in the blood stream. Plant sterols, phytosterols, are cholesterol-like compounds that are found mostly in vegetable oils, nuts and legumes. Diet rich in plant sterols helps Omega three fatty acids promote healthy triglyceride levels. Also a flavonoid powerhouse that helps prevent LDL(bad) cholesterol oxidation and helps maintain healthy blood platelet activity with a patented blend of grape skin, grape seed and other heart-smart antioxidants. One other unique dietary supplement helps fortify and detoxify your gastrointestinal tract with two strains of healthy probiotics. This good “flora” helps improve the absorption of all the nutrients in your food. A useful antioxidant unleashes superior antioxidant power on free radicals throughout your body. This supplement is made with a combination of mixed carotenoids derived from whole foods. It provides free radical protection at the cellular level.

With this group of supplements that come in packets I take mine with breakfast and dinner. That way I am taking them with food which is recommended.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle one needs to consider supplements. 

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According to the National Institute of Health, healthy blood pressure should be a priority for one in three Americans. Maintaining healthy blood pressure will allow you to live a healthier life with your family and loved ones. There are many ways to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels, including eating healthy and getting the exercise your body needs. For many this may not be enough. There is a product to combine potassium, pomegranate, tripeptides and passionflower to protect your heart.

Tripeptides are derived from cultured milk and were discovered in the early 1900’s by Japanese scientists. Almost a century of research has led to the patented process of isolating the tripeptides that help maintain healthy blood pressure. The artery wall is protected by this process. The tripeptides in this product are clinically demonstrated and validated by twelve human studies over the last ten years to help promote healthy blood pressure. Potassium is critical to help your body maintain proper balance of potassium and sodium necessary for optimum heart and blood vessel health. Passionflower is a perennial plant that has been recognized for its natural stress reducing and relaxing abilities. Pomegranate which is a powerful antioxidant and has been shown to possess stress relieving properties. A three year study has found that pomegranate helps promote healthy blood flow.
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Medicine Cabinet for Everybody

Tea tree oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of alternifolia, a plant native to Australia.

Historically, the leaves were used as a substitute for tea, which is how tea tree oil got its name. The part used medicinally is the oil from the leaves.

A powerful antiseptic, a natural solvent, natural fungicide. Soothing, penetrating, aromatic and non caustic. It is  especially powerful for insect bites, cuts, burns and abrasions. Kills germs and promotes healing so its perfect for skin creams and first aid ointment. This oil is one of the key ingredients in our dental care products. I know when I am done brushing and flossing I feel like I have just had my teeth cleaned by the hygenist. I personally have had problems through the years with gingivitis and since using the dental care products with the t-tree oil my gums have been healthy. I have written about a therapeutic skin lotion before but I just want to say again how this natural formula works better than any medicated skin creams I have ever used for the symtoms of eczema and psoriasis. It goes on lightly and isn’t greasy at all. We are into spring here in Minnesota and I have enviormental allergies so I am delighted to have relief from a allergy formula. I highly recommend it! Many other products in this line that are very good.

Until next time, Blessings!


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Belly Fat


Good Morning Everyone,

Today is a good day to talk about a problem that I have been struggling with and only recently decided to do something about it.  The company that I am with has a new product to help with crave blocking and I have it on order and just waiting for it to be delivered to my door.  In the meantime I have gotton back on my chi machine twice daily and recording my food intake. The scale this morning tells me thatI am three pounds lighter than yesterday morning. That helps with incentive. The following is an article I recieved from a member of our Team.

For those of you who are looking to get a jump-start on your summer “slim down”, we have been getting great reports from people who have replaced breakfast and/or lunch with ATTAIN with CraveBlocker.



 Tips by Russell Blaylock, MD

 Blaylock Tip of the Week

Lose Your Deadly Belly Fat

Americans have lived through many health crises in the past but the latest threat, though largely preventable, has silently grown to potentially deadly proportions. America is in the grips of an “obesity epidemic,” and 65 percent of the population is overweight.

Even those who may not consider themselves overweight may be carrying a large amount of deadly belly fat, known to increase the risk of heart disease in relatively slim people.

Most people have a basic sense that being overweight is bad for their health, but few appreciate just how dangerous it is.

While I have never written a diet book and don’t intend to, controlling fat excess is really fairly simple: Eat for health, not for pleasure. This is not to say that a healthy diet has to taste bad. But it is critical to keep in mind that the goal is a diet that provides health. The loss of excess fat will always come when you follow a healthy diet.

Below are my four steps for losing weight permanently. For a detailed discussion on how to lose weight go here now to find out how to get my special report, “The Fat Cure: Health Secrets to Losing Weight Permanently.”

1. Eat a lot of vegetables. Also, eat a mixture of fresh and cooked vegetables, which should all be cleansed thoroughly to remove pesticides and herbicides.

2. Avoid excessive carbohydrates. The three worst culprits are sweetened drinks (sodas and fruits drinks), pasta and breads. While desserts are bad, they are never eaten in as high a volume as these three.

Breads are high on the glycemic index — a measure of how fast a carbohydrate is broken down and absorbed into the blood. The faster it enters the blood, the greater the secretion of insulin — the process that causes us to be hungry. Foods low on the index are absorbed more slowly.

Your source of carbohydrates will be beans and lentils. Years ago it was observed that the Asians ate a diet high in carbohydrates, yet they had a low risk of heart attack and stroke. Now we know that’s because they eat only carbohydrates that contain fiber.

3. Avoid most red meats. Acceptable meats include turkey, ostrich, pork and Chicken. Organically raised animals are the best. Processed meats should be avoided, since most are heavily dosed with nitrites and injected with excitotoxin additives. A recent study found that eating these meats multiplies the risk of pancreatic cancer by 62 times.

If you want an occasional steak, make sure the cattle are grass-fed and that all the animals are individually tested for mad cow disease.

4. Exercise. Over an extended period, no diet will work without exercise. The beauty of exercise is that not only are you burning calories while you exercise — you continue to burn them hours later.

Muscle burns fats and consumes calories. The more your muscles work, the easier it is to lose weight. Exercise also promotes the release of growth hormones and this reduces body fat.

Eating quality, pure foods is important for your overall health. Go here now for information on my report “How to Avoid Poisonous Foods.”


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Bathing the Dog

FiFiFiFiI wasn’t sure how to title this days blog but if the truth be known its exactly about bathing little FiFi.  After lastnights four mile walk our little shih-tzu did not look black and white but a dirty gray. To bathe her I use a product called hair wash” .  Also use a conditioner. She looks and smells so good and her coat is soft, shiny and a very definate black and white.  We are retired and travel in our motorhome alot. This little dog is the perfect pet for us. She does not shed, very well mannered and brings us much joy. We always had golden retrievers as my husband is a hunter. The biggest difference between the big dogs and this little one is that cleaning is so much simpler without the “dog hair” to vacumn up. Need I say more. The price you pay for loving pets! Our daughter has a golden retriever and a chocolate lab. Our three sons have six golden retrievers and one Yorkie between them. So you see the golden retriever is ”number one” in this family. I would love to hear from you pet lovers out there. Do you have any comments to offer?  I might add that the majority of the pets are on Purina Beneful
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An Article on Oral Cancer treatment

Oral Cancer May be Treated with Proanthocyanidins from Medicinal Plants

by David Gutierrez(NaturalNews) Proanthocyanidins from grapeseed extract may hamper the growth of oral cancer cells, according to a recent study published in the journal BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.Proanthocyanidins are chemicals in the flavonoid family, naturally occurring in the seeds and skins of grapes (including red wine), pine bark, green and black tea, and berries including bilberries, cranberries, chokeberries and black currant berries. They have been shown to act as antioxidants and protect against DNA damage from tobacco, as well as to be selectively toxic to various forms of cancer cells, including breast, gastric, lung and prostate cancers. They have also been shown to retard the growth of breast, colon, oral and prostate cancers.Researchers tested proanthocyanidins derived from grapeseed extract on cell lines of both oral and cervical cancer in the laboratory. They found that the chemical significantly slowed the growth of both cervical and oral cancers, but that the effect was greater on oral cancers. The effect was dose-dependent, meaning that larger doses of the extract led to slower cancer growth.Because a particular strain of human papillomavirus, HPV 16, has previously been shown to drive the proliferation of oral cancer cells, the researchers also tested the extract against such accelerated cell lines. The grapeseed extract proanthocyanidins were found to significantly reduce the growth of the HPV-stimulated oral cancer cells.

In addition, the researchers reported preliminary evidence that the extract may encourage cell death among both cervical and oral cancers.

The researchers hailed their work as an important step in developing alternative cancer treatments. “Standard chemotherapies and radiation treatment, frequently used to treat oral cancer patients, often have harsh and severe side effects that include tissue damage and malfunction,” the researchers wrote. “The discovery and validation of novel treatments and prevention strategies, lacking these harmful side effects, is one of our main short-term goals.”

“This research shows that the natural medicines in berries works as an effective replacement for chemotherapy in many cancers,” added consumer health advocate Mike Adams, author of the book The 7 Laws of Nutrition. “People who eat fresh, raw berries on a daily basis are greatly reducing their risk of ever being diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and other forms of cancer.”

“But what’s really astonishing today,” Adams added, “is that oncologists remain nutritionally illiterate and have zero knowledge about anti-cancer foods and herbs. Thus, millions of people are harmed each year with chemotherapy chemicals that are, in reality, long outdated and largely ineffective. The entire conventional cancer industry is a grand marketing scam that only seeks to profit from disease rather than actually curing it.”


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