How to Stop Blog Spammers

What do you know about spam and blogging? When I started blogging I knew nothing.  Oh my, I have sure learned a lot since I began this journey of blogging.

Blogging has become extremely popular and a very important part of the internet. If you can imagine millions of people blog everyday in all parts of the world. As blogging has evolved over the years so has the commenting. Anyone can write a comment on any blog. As commenting has grown more popular so has spam commenting.  We will go over why commenting is a great form of feedback for the writer of the posts and how commenting helps with credibility of the writers content. What spam comments are and ways to prevent then from happening.

When blogs first came around, they were considered just an online journal. No one could post comments on these blog postings. That all changed in 1998 with the Open Diary, a site which allowed people to comment on blog postings. Now all blogs whether they are remotely or self hosted, includes this option to comment.

Commenting is great because it allows real folks to tell you what they think about your form. It allows you feedback on what your are doing right and what you may need to improve on. Comments can be encouraging and can motivate you to post more quality blog messages. Sometimes the constructive criticism will make us work harder to get better at writing content.

Whatever the style of comment is, it is still very useful to your blog. High numbers of comments have the ability to make a blog look credible because they show that the blog is being read by a lot of people. That’s something that every blog owner wants, and comments help to let them know just how many people enjoy their content.

Unfortunately we receive bad comments.  Spammers have now started to use comments as a way to spam your blog. Spam comment is a comment that only advertises another site or product.  If the comment seems bland or generic with a cheap link thrown in, then its definitely a spam comment. An example of a spam comment: “Hey, this site is really cool. Check out my cool site at” Not all spam comments will be this blatant, but you get the point, huh?

There are ways to prevent the spamming comments. Close off the commenting on older blog posts. There are options for you to stop these comments from appearing on any particular blog post.  Lots of times spammers will go to the older posts and spam so take away the opportunity from them to keep it from happening. Most blog hosters now offer this as standard option in the tool panel. After a couple weeks that your posts have been up, take them down.

Take advantage of software offered to prevent comment spam. If you host your own blog using WordPress, you can use an option in that software to prevent spam. Even if you aren’t using WordPress, you can still use other Spam comment blocking software like Spam Karma, Akismet, and Bad Behavior. While these aren’t 100% effective, they have proven to be quite effective in preventing spam from happening.

Take a look at your settings and see what can be tweaked to
toughen your protection. Lots of blogs now have settings to help prevent spam. If you
already have a spam blocker on in your blog and are still experiencing spam, take a closer look at the settings to see if there’s anything that can be tweaked to make your protection
stronger. However, if you do this, you should closely monitor your posts to make sure legit comments aren’t being blocked out. If they are, you might have to lighten up a bit.

Be sure to read your comments regularly. Even the best softwareor setting can’t prevent everything, so you will have tooccasionally manually remove comments on your own. By applying the above principles, you can ensure that your blog is full of only good, quality comments, which will help your credibility tremendously.

Comments are a great form of communication between yourself and your readers. They help the credibility of your blog!

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