Making the Plunge to Empower Network

This Grandma has made the “plunge”! Thank you to Kim Klaver for introducing me to Empower Network. I signed on a couple days ago and have been going through the video training for each of the products that Empower Network has to offer. I have been networking since 2007 and have not seen a more powerful system and I am excited to get started. Because of my profound hearing loss I am greatful to Kim for chatting, emailing and just being so patient with this “Grandma”. Dave and Dave are great teachers. They both have interesting backround and have done well for themselves.

Wanted to share this excitement with you as we have been talking about blogging and how to get started. By now I am hoping that you all have started a blog. Whether its personal or business it is truly fun. Do me a favor and take a look at Empower Network and let me know what you think.

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