Are You Facing Mortgage Foreclosure?

While homeowners across America make headlines for high delinquency in mortgage payments and foreclosures, there is a light at the end of that tunnel if you would invest one hour of your time to listen to a presentation  with details on how this company that I am involved with works and how it can work for you.  I can not believe how close to home this unemployment situation has come. We have three sons in the building industry and all three have been affected with lay-offs in the last two years. Right now as I write this blog, all three are back at work. Praise God! Being in debt is normal they say but I want to be debt free and so that means working a little harder to tell Folks about this opportunity that I have taken advantage of and hope that people trust me enough to listen to me for 45 minute to an hour. It could be “your light at the end of the tunnel.”

According to Dave Ramsey in “The Total Money Makeover” he states that our first step should be having $1000.00 in the bank for emergencies like a flat tire, dead battery or a trip to the “emergency” room.  These are all emergencies. Some will say, “I can’t save $1000.00 because I don’t make that much. Well Dave suggests that you sell stuff and get on a budget. To help make this happen it was one of the reasons for me why I got involved with this wellness company. I also wanted to help others find financial freedom, safer homes and physical wellness. You ask, “Well how can this happen?” Like I said earlier, just give me one hour of your time and I will show you. When I look at our company monthly magazine and see all the Folks across the country who are making hundreds and thousands of dollars monthly I know that it can be a way of life for you and me. There are people who had very little when they signed up with our company and within a year had completely changed there financial status.  Lets get together and I will show you. Either by a three-way conference call , a webcast or both.  Lets set up an appointment today!

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